About me

Cartoon Lover 

I am a digital artist passionate about retro cartoons. I specialize in the production of explanatory videos, whiteboards and commercials,

What can I offer you?

Explanatory videos:  I help companies and organizations communicate their ideas clearly and concisely through animated videos in Explain It Better, I created this company 12 years ago and since 2012 we have had a great experience with clients and collaborators.

Commercial videos:  I comprehensively make advertising videos that attract the public's attention and generate good results.

Comics: I design my own and custom comics to tell stories, promote products or simply entertain.

Video games:  I am venturing into video game development, creating fun and original experiences.

Why choose me?

I have extensive experience creating visual content.

I am a creative artist and passionate about my work.

I am committed to offering my clients high quality service.

You want to know more?

Explore my portfolio to see examples of my work. You can also contact me to learn more about my services or to discuss a specific project.

Do not hesitate to contact me!